Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not just a river in Egypt anymore.

Denial - It's not just a river in Egypt anymore.

It is my current mental state, with regards to weight loss.

I have not tracked food on the Weight Watchers website, despite my membership, since May 2nd.  I have not tracked my own weight since then, either.

I could scream at myself.  Tomorrow will mark my 100th day belonging to the Double Dubs, and I have MAYBE lost ten pounds.


I know I should not beat on myself this way.  I know I should love myself, because that's my Manifesto - that I can love myself at any weight and still find my way to a healthy lifestyle.  But today I hate myself very much, because I should be maintaining now instead of losing.  I should be in smaller pants.  I should not have stress-ate my way through the LSATs this past week.  I should have kept tracking, even when I got stressed or tired or pressed for time.  I should be in a bikini this summer.

So what do I do?

Start tracking.  Weight myself.  Dust off the crumbs, and move on.

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