Friday, April 23, 2010

The initial entry, gratuitous at best.

Starting weight: 195.5 lbs

Hi, everyone.  My name's Charlie, and I'm a Chubby Girl.

Hi, Charlie.

Uh, it's nice to be here at my first meeting of Chubbers Anonymous.  You see, I was always on the bulkier side of the weight spectrum, even as a kid.  Wasn't always overweight, but I was always muscled and larger than most of the kids in my age group.  I was never a fast runner either, and was always kind of nerdy.  It's paying off in the grades department, but on the playground, I wasn't good at much besides kickball.

In high school, I was probably at my most physically fit.  At one point, I switched from competitive kickboxing classes twice a week to three times a week varsity swimming.  Shit, right?  On top of that, I was a camp counselor, running and swimming with kids while getting a free tan.

But, as we age, so does our metabolism.  Mine's pretty touchy...I could eat an M&M, and tomorrow my jeans won't fit.

Combine that with the stress of being away from home for the first time, and a whole bunch of beer...Oh Hello Freshman Year of College, How are you?  Hanging off my thighs?  Thought so.

And so Junior Year, here we are.  I've had some mild successes with programs in the past.  And since last January, I've lost 10 lbs.  But I want to do better.  I miss fitting into skinny jeans and not Incredible-Hulking out of them (I shit you not, this happened, and I was very sad) and being able to swim miles at a time.

So here's to a chubby mission.  Nay-sayers, eat your hearts out.


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