Friday, April 30, 2010

The Asthma Valley

Weekly Weight: 199 lbs

Only a few minor setbacks so far this weigh-in on Sunday wasn't so hot.  It showed a 4 lb gain essentially, even though I ate correctly all week.  I'm not sure why that is the way it is, but it's on the page to continue to keep me accountable.

This week's been okay so far.  Just gearing up for finals and balancing work and play, per usual.  Kind of excited this semester is ending, because then I've got one year left! Ahhh!!! It's exciting and kind of nerve-wracking simultaneously.

So today, I started off with a coffee and DC breakfast sammich.  Not the best, I know, but it was essentially hangover food and kept me full until, get this, 2:20 pm.

Lunch was a Blue Wall taco salad, sans shell.  Lettuce, tomato, hot sauce, and pulled pork.  Omnom.  Completely nommable, and fairly healthy aside from the pork and the little bit of cheese I put on it.

Dinner was pretty hot too:

Oh Shit! A PHOTO!  That isn't Nelson Mandela or says "Fail" on it.

Ice green tea, a vegetarian sushi roll, some hot sauce for the sushi, and a small amount of cottage cheese with mandarin oranges and strawberries.

Other news:  I know why the Pioneer Valley is nicknamed "The Asthma Valley" now.  There's so many trees here that so many different people are allergic to, myself included.  It's stopped me from working out, because I take two Benadryl or something, and there's NO EFFECT.  It's hard to breathe walking around campus, and I break out in hives lately too.  With the nice weather, all the trees and flowers and shit are all confused.

I'm off and running, bitches.  Will probably either be a lazy bum around here until I head over to the boyfriend's later, or go to Barnes and Noble for study time first.

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